Lighting Elof Risebye’s fresco, ‘Sjælenes vandring’

Lightscapes - lighting design for 7N

Lighting Mogens Jørgensen's Rose alter decoration

Lightscapes - lighting design for 7N

Sankt Markus Church, Frederiksberg 

An all-new light setting establishes a new balance and visual hierarchy in Sankt Markus Church in Frederiksberg. The lighting enhances the materiality and draws out the original colour in Elof Risebye’s fresco, ‘Sjælenes Vandring’, from 1924.

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  • Contact Iben Winther Orton
  • Key features Lighting of historic artwork and church space
  • Photos Christina Hauschildt

The technology of the time meant that the fresco in the dome of Sankt Markus Church was originally lit with gaslight from a chandelier hung in the centre of the dome.

The chandelier remains today, but we think the new lighting gives the congregation the best ever views of Risebye's fresco.