Lighting Elof Risebye’s fresco, ‘Sjælenes vandring’

Lightscapes - lighting design for 7N

Lighting Mogens Jørgensen's Rose alter decoration

Lightscapes - lighting design for 7N

Sankt Markus Church, Frederiksberg 

An all-new light setting establishes a new balance and visual hierarchy in Sankt Markus Church in Frederiksberg. The lighting enhances the materiality and draws out the original colour in Elof Risebye’s fresco, ‘Sjælenes Vandring’, from 1924.

The technology of the time meant that the fresco in the dome of Sankt Markus Church was originally lit with gaslight from a chandelier hung in the centre of the dome.

The chandelier remains today, but we think the new lighting gives the congregation the best ever views of Risebye's fresco.

Photos: Christina Hauschildt