Exterior lighting guidelines

Lightscapes - lighting design for DTU

Campus lighting

Lightscapes - lighting design for DTU

University campus exterior lighting vison. Guidelines

The approach to lighting on campus is founded on a knowledge of light, and an intention to enrich the relationship between light and life, landscape and culture.

The overall vision for the lighting on DTU Lyngby Campus is for the appropriate artificial lighting and the light of and darkness of day night to interact with life and the landscape on campus. This should create a site-specific poetry, and a source of inspiration for people on campus.

This guideline document was been developed as a tool for the professionals who work with outdoor lighting on Lyngby Campus.

The guidelines are divided into two sections, where the first dealing with DTU's vision and goal for good lighting quality. Here, the themes that are particularly important for lighting quality are unfolded, and a number of general guidelines are set for lighting in general on campus.

In the second section, the specific guidelines related to spatial typologies are unfolded, and the section is based on the vision and objective of lighting on campus. The associated lighting control principle and luminaire catalog are also described here.