Lighting Per Steen Hebsgaard’s many collaborations

Lighting Design at Holmegaard Værk. Per Steen Hebsgaards' permanent exhibit.

Design for the transition from natural light to electric light in the course of a day

Lighting Design at Holmegaard Værk. Glass collection 7 meters tall by 40 meters long.

Lighting 500 selected works on a 35-meter-long table

Lighting Design at Holmegaard Værk. 35 meter time line of Holmegaard glass and Kahler ceramics

Lighting reinterprets industrial buildings as cultural spaces

Lighting Design at HolmegaardVærk.

Exhibition lighting design for Holmegaard Værk

Holemegaard is one of the Danish design heavyweights, with Holmegaard Værk home to generation after generation of glassworkers. The heat from the giant tank furnace has not been felt since 2008, and 45 tons of liquid glass have solidified within its core. Now the site has been reimagined as a museum, cultural centre, exhibition and performance space.

The lighting design tells two related stories. One illustrates the history of glass and ceramic craftsmanship. The other emphasises the history of the site itself, the dust that settled on the machinery has been left undisturbed, and the visitors sense the ghosts of the former factory workers. The design elaborates on this theme, bringing life to the exhibits by emphasising out the colours, form, modulation and materials, within the “abandoned” framework of the site itself.

To bring life to the materials, it was important to be aware that the intensity of light that materials can absorb is individual to that material; when the lighting achieves this point it comes alive, if it falls short, the material remain lifeless. Should the lighting exceed this point materials are “flattened”. In the lighting design for Holmegaard Værk, colour schemes are dependent on the individual exhibits with contrasting or complementary colours used to emphasize the colour of the works themselves.

2020 LIT Design Award Winner