Each track of each room is dimmable and has various pre-programmed lighting scenarios.

Sculptures in an intimate and sensual visual sphere.

New possibilities for 'play' with drama and atmosphere.


New Carlsberg Glyptotek

Drama after darkness falls.

The Glyptotek has always been a daylight Gallery. When it was dark, the museum had to close.

In cooperation, EMA, GC and Lightscapes have set artificial light on all of the Sculpture galleries and the central axis of the museum. This means that the museum can stay open to the public after dark in winter, or open in the evenings for with special events.

The new lighting in the sculpture galleries uses ERCO spots on DALI rails. It is possible to 'play' with drama and atmosphere in the spaces. Each track, in each room is dimmable and has various pre-programmed lighting scenarios.

An almanac runs automatically in the background, adjusting the lighting according to the time of day, the season and the gallery’s opening hours. The new lighting or the central axis is also dimmable DALI and is incorporated in this programming.

On special events the programs can be 'overridden' using simple software on an iPad. This allows the user to select, more or less light for each room or rail, or for example, a scenario appropriate for 'a candlelight dinner' or 'a music evening’. The artificial lighting is not a replacement of daylight experience, but gives the opportunity to experience Jakobsen's unique collection of sculptures in a more intimate and sensual visual sphere.

The Glypteotek was nominated for the Danish Lighting Award 2015, where the jury had the following to say about the design: “The jury finds that the overall choice of artificial light as an alternative to daylight is new and different. It creates a very liberating, changeable experience of the museum, rather than repeating the daylight experience. The solution offers many new and close experiences and reveals local stories – a severed head, a hero's strength and a woman’s grace.”

Photography: Christina Hauschildt and Ana Cecilia Gonzalez.