Lighting design creates volume


Bistrup Church.

Bistrup church, by the architect Tyge Arnfred, was self-built by the parishioners between 1960 and 1967. The lighting design gives emphasis to the architecture whilst enhancing it creatively, resulting in a nighttime composition that is creatively challenging, workable and which secures the experience of personal safety.

Modelling the characteristic forms of Bistrup Church required only eight luminaires with bespoke optics. The soft, warm light is applied asymmetrically to the brickwork in ‘brushstrokes’ that graze the surface, enhancing the colour of the brickwork and expressing the volumes of this distinctive building.

The surrounding grounds are secure and simple to navigate. Safety at night is not dependent on the quantity of light, but on the ability to see the faces of the people around you, where you are putting your feet and where you are going. Lower levels of illumination save energy and minimize the risk of light pollution.

By night, Bistrup Church presents itself as a self-assured and pleasant local landmark, both uncomplicated and idiosyncratic.