Lighting design for a new urban space in Copenhagen

Lightscapes - lighting design for 7N

Light, life and warmth – on the edge of the cemetery

The need for a new opening to Bispebjerg churchyard became an opportunity to create a new space for local residents. The lighting reflects the desire create a "hearth" that arose from dialogue with users.

Bispebjerg cemetery in north-west Copenhagen has a 600-metre southern wall, of which Vega landscape architects opted to push a 30-metre section back and redefine an existing entrance as a plaza. This serves as both a new urban space and as an elegant transition between city and cemetery.

The lighting is programmed to vary according to time of day and season. In the evening, the walls are illuminated from below by a ribbon of warm light, and luminaires on masts light the birch trees, casting shadow from their many branches like a filigree.

Visual: Lightscapes,  Photos: Naja Viscor, Vega Landskab