Iben Winther Orton

Iben Winther Orton

Founding partner

Swedish Lighting Award (Svenska Ljuspriset) 2011, Winner Danish Lighting Award (Den Danske Lyspris) 2012, Winner Lighting Urban Community International (LUCI) City.People.Light Award (2nd)

I trained as a Lighting Designer in London and graduated in 1997. With over 15 years of professional experience in both London and Copenhagen, I founded Lightscapes in 2013. Our aim is measure the success of projects against the three values that characterize our approach to work – Sensitivity, Acuity and Joy.

With my roots in theatrical lighting design, I believe in the importance of using and combining individual light sources, natural or artificial, with intelligence and creativity on every project – whether interior or exterior.

I believe it is important for the lighting professional to retain their human perspective and sensitivity when designing with light. Light is a great storyteller, I appreciate how it brings form and colour to every day. It frames and creates moments as well as space, has the capacity to inspire and inform us, and enables us humans to adapt to time and space.

I have developed expertise in the technically demanding combination of daylight and artificial lighting. I can look at an existing building with fresh eyes, working with the existing architecture and optimising the artificial lighting in relation to the existing natural light.

Sustainable lighting design is dependent on the sensitive balance and intelligent use of resources and materials. The characteristics of the individual light source must come first. I am constantly surprised by the numerous and continually expanding, varieties of light sources, both natural and artificial, available to the designer. Each has its own characteristics and strengths, and each seems to perform better in combination with another light source.

Iben Winther Orton: +45 60 48 92 48

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