Toby Orton

Graphic Communication

A core competance at Lightscapes is the creative communication of focussed ideas.

Lightscapes have an open design process that includes clients, collaborators and suppliers. This is dependent on giving form to ideas so that they can be communicated, evaluated and developed before they are implemented. We use various graphic techniques at different stages, to create evidence that our ideas work, and identify alternative solutions or refinements.

Modern solutions operate on several levels, both in the physical, tangible space and across digital platforms. Light and graphics are both important actors in this union and cross each other more often than would be immediately apparent. We are an interdisciplinary niche company.

With this capability in house, Lightscapes ApS also provides independent graphic design consultancy to the public and private companies.

We solve graphic projects in both print and digital media and are equally happy in either area. We have a well-established cooperation with, among other things, copywriters, photographers, programmers and other skilled professionals.